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Our company collects data on the Internet. To achieve that we use a robot called LumtelBot. LumtelBot respects robots.txt. If you don't want to share any information on your website with our robot, just update that file. It's in your interest to let the robot collect your data for it can increase traffic to your site. Basically, the collected data will be used in our publically available search engine, which hopefully will become a large source of visitors for you. Soon you will be able to register your websites with us for better searchability. We suggest you to leave your E-mail address on the front page of the site to get notified when this happens, and for receiving other benefits as well.

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Lumtel AS is striving to be a leading business information provider. Currently we operate only in Norway.

We recommend that you visit our online service Zupa.no. It's a great source of business information.